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    PigTrace Seeks Early Adopters

    PigTrace Canada is thrilled to report that work continues on the system being designed for the reporting of information and movement data.  Recording of this information will be required under upcoming federal swine traceability regulations. PigTrace Canada has had the … Continue reading

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    B.C. Producers Must Register in Land ID Program

    BC producers are being reminded to register their premises with the provincial government.  Premises ID is part of a national system administered in each province to track the location of animals in case of disease, a public health-related emergency or … Continue reading

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    Consultation: Strengthening Livestock and Poultry Traceability in Canada

    The CFIA would like your feedback on proposed changs to the Health of Animals Act intended to strengthen livestock and poultry traceability in Canada.  A consultation document explaining the proposed changes is available on the CFIA's website and is open … Continue reading

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    Governments of Canada and Manitoba Partner to Protect Animal Health

    The CFIA and Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI) have announced an information-sharing agreement that will strengthen food safety and animal health management in Manitoba and across the country.  Provinces are responsible for identifying and verifying premises, while the … Continue reading

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    Ireland: Important Changes to Pig Traceability Rules

    The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) has introduced a number of changes to pig traceability, effective this month.  DARD revised and clarified the rules for the regulation of pig holdings and the ID and movements. Read More

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    UK: Clear slap marking: A Step to Accurate Traceability

    If a meat production and process operation institutes a traceability system, it neesd to be accurate, efficient and comprehensive.  A six- or sevent-digit herd number 'slap marked' on the shoulders of pigs has an advantage over ear tags because it's … Continue reading

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    PigTrace Canada and ATQ Sign Contract

    PigTrace Canada is thrilled to announce the signing of a contractual package with Agri-Traçabilité Québec (ATQ), the national swine traceability service provider. The Canadian Pork Council has been working with ATQ since 2009 on the creation of a database necessary … Continue reading

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    Australia: NLIS, Room for Improvement

    A recent producer demonstration site (PDS) is pointing to ways that the National Livestock Identification System can be used to improve production efficiency before livestock step off the property.  While NLIS data provides traceability and confidence in the safety and … Continue reading

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