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  • Phase II Funding Announced for Implementation of Federal Traceability Program

    March 1st, 2011

    On February 10, 2011, Minister Gerry Ritz and delegates from CPC and PigTrace Canada attended a press conference in Breslau, Ontario to announce approximately $3.7 million towards the implementation of the federal traceability program.

    The funds announced on February 10 are in addition to the $3.3 million that were granted in May, 2010 for Phase I of the national program.  Phase I funding was for development of PigTrace Canada, including software development and system set up associated with the allocation of approved ear tags, as well as admininstrative and customer service support.

    The Phase II funding of $3.7 million is intended for the implementation of PigTrace Canada.  The education of Canadian producers andother system users is the key component to ensuring that movement reporting, as will be required by federal law, is as straightforward and simple as possible.

    In order to best serve Canadian producers, a significant portion of Phase II funds is intended for program extension based out of the provincial pork offices (PPOs).  As such, PigTrace Canada is working closely with the provincial pork offices to ensre the needs of producers and other system users across Canada are being met and that funds are distributed accordingly.

    Funding for both phases of the traceability program is guaranteed until March, 2013.  PigTrace Canada is working with all involved partes to secure necessary funding past 2013 in order to make certain that containing and reducing the spread of highly contagious swine diseases so that they can be eliminated remains priority.

    As an industry led initiataive, we are grateful for the support of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in our development of a traceability system.

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