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  • PigTrace Canada and ATQ Sign Contract

    March 5th, 2012

    PigTrace Canada is thrilled to announce the signing of a contractual package with Agri-Traçabilité Québec (ATQ), the national swine traceability service provider.

    The Canadian Pork Council has been working with ATQ since 2009 on the creation of a database necessary for swine traceability across Canada.  There have been many substantial hurdles but PigTrace Canada is confident in the contract packages which meets the needs of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, ATQ, the CFIA and most importantly, all stakeholders in the Canadian swine industry.

    Functionalities of the PigTrace system include:

    • Database able to capture, verify and reproduce data about swine, and to follow their movements, whether individually or in groups;
    • Available in both English and French;
    • Allows 'Stakeholders' (e.g., producers, abattoirs, assembly yards, etc.) to view and share any of the information they have entered into the PigTrace system;
    • Able to record ear tag sales and list tag inventories for a stakeholder;
    • Provides an online tag ordering interface;
    • Generates 'traceback' and 'traceforward' reports in the event of disease outbreak or simulation;
    • Will allow ATQ and CPC to add future functionalities that will further simplify the reporting of swine movements; and
    • Will optionally allow PPOs and/or producers to view and edit premises information (e.g., premises identification number, tattoo numbers, inventory, contact information, etc.).

    PigTrace Canada is eager to resume the implementation of a Canadian swine traceability program that will be a major beneft to all Canadians.


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