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  • PigTrace Canada Manifest

    December 19th, 2011

    PigTrace Canada is creating a national traceability system that utilizes many of the current practices already in place by producers today.  Working closely with the pork industry, PigTrace Canada wants traceability compliance to be as easy as possible for all producers and system users.

    In order to achieve this goal, PigTrace Canada is working on various reporting tools which will allow data to be reported directly to PigTrace by the site operator or their designate.  Automating information flow as much as possible will reduce errors and costs.

    One of the tools currently available to producers is PigTrace Canada's manifest.  The manifest created by PigTrace Canada was designed as a tool to help system users know what information must be recorded and reported.

    The PigTrace Canada manifest is currently located on the website at under Documents and Resources.  The manifest has been created as a writeable PDF which allows users to save and print the document as necessary.  Fields which will be required by proposed regulations are highlighted makin git simple for the user to know what information is necessary in order to achieve full compliance.

    Although proposed swine traceability regulations will require the necessary information to accompany pig shipments when moving swine and/or swine carcasses, use of the PigTrace Canada manifest is not mandatory.  Existing commercial manifests may fulfill all requirements; however, PigTrace Canada recommends that you review your document to ensure that all necessary data is being captured for your own ease in record keeping.

    The PigTrace Canada manifest was created as a tool to assist in meeting the goal of making traceability feasible and cost-effective for Canadian producers in every way possible.  Using the tools provided now will make traceability compliance easy for producers once regulations come into effect.


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