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  • PigTrace Seeks Early Adopters

    April 17th, 2012

    PigTrace Canada is thrilled to report that work continues on the system being designed for the reporting of information and movement data.  Recording of this information will be required under upcoming federal swine traceability regulations.

    PigTrace Canada has had the opportunity to review a few upgrades and modifications that have been amde to the system since 2010 and is very interested in hearing input from industry stakeholders (producers, assembly yards, abattoirs, etc.).  it is hoped that industry stakeholders will be engaged as 'early adopters' to trial the PigTrace system while voluntary.

    The approved end-product of this test review will form the core infrastructure from which other reporting solutions and technologies will be developed in the coming months (e.g., integration with commercial herd management software, commercial transport companies, cell phone web browser, and other forms of handheld data reporting devices).

    Swine traceability is an industry led initiative.  Building a simple and easy to use system has been a top priority for program developers.  The best way to ensure that this priority is met is for stakeholders to try out the system and let us know what they think.  We encourage industry stakeholders to provide their input before the system is finalized.

    If you are interested in being involved as an early adopter, please contact your provincial pork organization.

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